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Our campaigns make a real difference to the lives of children and young people - and that’s down to you.

With your support, we’ve achieved major changes in legislation and protected children’s rights.  

Together we’ve made sure sustained emotional abuse is recognised as a crime. We’ve helped young people in Wales stay in care longer if they need to. And we’ve convinced the Government to set up a savings scheme for children in care 

But there’s lots more to do. Here’s how you can help.  

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Urge government to Choose Childhood  

Every child deserves a safe and happy childhood. Yet there are more children in care and more children are identified as being at risk of harm. Children don’t choose their lives - but we can choose to act. Urge government to commit to a national plan for children now, before things get worse.   

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Be a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child  

Last year, more than 9,000 of you helped bring joy to children around the UK at Christmas. The festive season may have passed - but we’ll need more Secret Santas to make sure vulnerable children have food, warmth and love next Christmas. Sign up to hear about how you can join the campaign.   

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Help give children and families vital support  

Support for poor families is disappearing up and down the country. Children’s centres, a lifeline to families, are closing rapidly at a rate of one a week. Tell the government it needs to produce a vision for services support children in the vital early years of life.   

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Other campaigns  

We know that working with others can help us get more done. Find out how you can add your voice, too:  

  • We work with the The Disabled Children’s Partnership and 27 other charities to fight for better health and social care for disabled children, young people and their families.  
  • Children experience loneliness, just like adults. We’re leading on the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness - be part of the solution by pledging to start a conversation today.
  • We support mental health charity Heads Together, which runs a campaign to tackle stigma  and change the conversation on mental health.  
  • End Child Poverty is a group of charities holding the government to account on its commitment to end child poverty. Help us get the word out by raising the issue with your local MP.


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