The fostering process

Interested in fostering?

Maybe you enjoy being around children? Maybe you want to give a young person a fresh start in life? Or maybe you simply want a new, challenging and rewarding career? We help all sorts of people become foster carers – from drivers to café workers to engineers. We can help you too, here’s how it works.

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We have a thorough and clear process that helps us both to decide if fostering is right for you. We will work through this together. We will get to know each other really well. This should make the process smoother, which includes both training, and assessment. Building relationships is key, as giving a home to a child is the most important job anyone could ever be asked to do. We aren’t going to lie, whoever you decide to foster with the process can be long (we aim for 6 months as a maximum) and can sometimes feel intrusive. It has to be. But we will work together we can make it as good as it possibly can be.

The first thing to do is get in touch and let us know that you’re thinking about fostering. We expect you have lots of questions. Someone will be on hand to answer any questions, Monday- Friday, 9 -5. If you prefer we call you out of hours then just let us know and we will do our best.

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Making sure you are ready to foster

Our assessment and thorough training makes sure you are completely comfortable with being a foster carer and will be able to look after the the children we place with you before we approve you as a carer. Once you are approved, we continue to give you training all the time you’re with us, as well as local, round-the-clock help.

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The steps from application to approval

The next stage of the process takes between four and six months. Here’s what happens:

  • Application form and references – you fill in a detailed form about yourself and everyone that lives with you; we check police and health records, employment and personal references.
  • Preparation and training – you go on a course to learn more about fostering.
  • Assessment – a social worker visits you several times and puts together a home assessment report; based on this report, a foster care panel decides if you can foster.
  • Approval – one of our senior managers approves you as a foster carer.

100% of our foster carers say they‘re satisfied in their role, and 85% say they’re more satisfied than they were in their last job.

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